Trade Preferential System among the Member States of the OIC

Trade Preferential System among the Member States of the OIC (TPS-OIC) is one of the most important projects of the COMCEC to foster intra-OIC trade. This system is based on three agreements, namely the Framework Agreement, the Protocol on Preferential Tariff Scheme (PRETAS) and the Rules of Origin.

The Framework Agreement, which sets out the general rules and principles for the negotiations towards the establishment of the TPS-OIC, entered into force in 2002. The PRETAS, which complements the Framework Agreement by laying out the concrete reduction rates in tariffs in accordance with a time-table for implementation, entered into force in February 2010. The Rules of Origin, which will be applied for the identification of the origin of products eligible for preferential concessions under the TPS-OIC, entered into force in August 2011. Therefore, the legal basis of the system was completed.

In order to make the TPS-OIC system operational, 10 Member States have to fulfill two conditions at the same time, namely the ratification of the three TPS-OIC Agreements and the submission of the list of concessions to the TNC Secretariat. As of December 2014, required number of countries having met necessary requirements of the System has been reached.

However, for the entry into force of the System there are some practical steps that should be taken by the participating member states. The most important step in this context is updating the concession lists. By December 2017, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Jordan, Bangladesh, Iran and Morocco have conveyed their updated concession lists.

In this regard, the 33rd COMCEC Ministerial Session called upon the Member States which have not yet signed or ratified TPS-OIC Agreements, namely the Framework Agreement, PRETAS and Rules of Origin, to do so at their earliest convenience and invited the concerned participating Member Countries to convey their updated concession lists at their earliest convenience to the TNC Secretariat with a view to operationalize the TPS-OIC.

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