Members Countries

misirArab Republic of Egypt (Joining date:1969) libyaLibya (Joining date:1969) endonezyaRepublic of Indonesia (Joining date:1969) togoRepublic of Togo (Joining date:1997)
Burkino-fasoBurkina Faso (Joining date:1974) malezyaMalaysia (Joining date:1969) irakRepublic of Iraq (Joining date:1975) tunusRepublic of Tunisia (Joining date:1969)
guyanaCooperative Republic of Guyana (Joining date:1998) cezayirPeople’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (Joining date:1969) kazakistanRepublic of Kazakhstan (Joining date:1995) turkiyeRepublic of Turkey (Joining date:1969)
somaliDemocratic Republic of Somalia (Joining date:1969) bangladesPeople’s Republic of Bangladesh (Joining date:1974) lubnanRepublic of Lebanon (Joining date:1969) turkmenistanRepublic of Turkmenistan (Joining date:1992)
nijeryaFederal Republic of Nigeria (Joining date:1986) arnavutlukRepublic of Albania (Joining date:1992) maldivlerRepublic of Maldives (Joining date:1976) ugandaRepublic of Uganda (Joining date:1974)
urdunHashemite  Kingdom of Jordan (Joining date:1969) azerbaycanRepublic of Azerbaijan(Joining date:1992) maliRepublic of Mali (Joining date:1969) ozbekistanRepublic of Uzbekistan (Joining date:1996)
iranIslamic Republic of Iran (Joining date:1969) beninRepublic of Benin (Joining date:1983) mozambikRepublic of Mozambique (Joining date:1994) yemenRepublic of Yemen (Joining date:1969)
moritanyaIslamic Republic of Mauritania (Joining date:1969) kamerunRepublic of Cameroon (Joining date:1974) nijerRepublic of Niger (Joining date:1969) katarState of Qatar  (Joining date:1972)
pakistanIslamic Republic of Pakistan (Joining date:1969) cadRepublic of Chad (Joining date:1969) senegalRepublic of Senegal (Joining date:1969) burineySultanate of Brunei Darussalam
afganistanIslamic State of Afghanistan (Joining date:1969) fildisi_sahilleriRepublic of Cote d’Ivoire  (Ivory Coast) (Joining date:2001) sierra_leoneRepublic of Sierra Leone (Joining date:1972) omanSultanate of Oman (Joining date:1972)
bahreny_kralligiKingdom of Bahrain (Joining date:1972) cibutiRepublic of Djibouti(Joining date:1978) tacikistanRepublic of Tajikistan (Joining date:1992) kuveytThe State of Kuwait (Joining date:1969)
fasKingdom of Morocco (Joining date:1969) gabonRepublic of Gabon (Joining date:1974) gambiyaRepublic of the Gambia (Joining date:1974) filistinThe State of Palestine (Joining date:1969
sudi_arabistanKingdom of Saudi Arabia (Joining date:1969) gineRepublic of Guinea (Joining date:1969) sudanRepublic of Sudan (Joining date: 1969) birlesik_arap_emirlikleriThe State of United Arab Emirates (Joining date: 1972)
kirgizistanKyrgyz Republic (Joining date:1992) gine_bisauRepublic of Guinea-Bissau (Joining date:1974) surinamRepublic of the Suriname (Joining date:1996) komorlarUnion of the Comoros (Joining date:1976)


Bosna-HersekBosnia and Herzegovina TaylandKingdom of Thailand RusyaRussian Federation KibrisTRNC
Orta-Afrika-CumhuriyetiCentral African Republic