5th Annual Focal Points Meeting of the COMCEC was held on 23-25 May 2017 in Ankara. The meeting was attended by 111 COMCEC Working Group Focal Points and National Focal Points from 35 OIC Member Countries, registered to the COMCEC Working Groups.

Working Group Focal Points and National Focal Points have been informed on the recent status of the progress concerning the implementation of the COMCEC Strategy in the Meeting. The issues related to enhancing coordination of the COMCEC activities at the national level has been discussed in the Meeting. Focal Points have the opportunity to share their experiences regarding the implementation of the Strategy as well as views on how to further the implementation of the policy recommendations produced by the Working Group Meetings in their respective countries. Moreover, within the framework of improving the research studies, the issues pertinent to member countries’ case analysis and field trips have been discussed.

In this context, there have been discussions on 2018-2020 themes defined within the scope of COMCEC Working Groups. Furthermore, a workshop related to the COMCEC Project Funding has been held and the focal points have found the opportunity to practice a sample project preparation study.

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