The Sessional Committee is an organ of the COMCEC composed of OIC institutions working in the field of economy. The Committee convenes regularly on the sidelines of the Follow-up Committee Meetings and COMCEC Sessions to review and coordinate the activites and programs of OIC institutions.

The Statute of the COMCEC defines the Sessional Committee as the following:

  • The Sessional Committee is composed of OIC institutions working in the field of economy.
  • The Sessional Committee meets regularly on the sidelines of each session and in case of need, to review and coordinate functions and programs of OIC institutions and to report to the General Assembly.
  • The draft agenda for the meetings of the Sessional Committee is drawn up by the COMCEC Coordination Office. The draft agenda is communicated by the COMCEC Coordination Office to the members of the Committe and the other invitees.
  • The COMCEC Coordination Office organize and moderate Sessional Committee Meetings and provide the preparation of the relevant documentation and submit recommendations and reports of the meetings to COMCEC Sessions.

Till now, Sessional Committee has held 38 meetings. Click for the Sessional Committee Reports.

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