The Follow-up Committee is one of the organs of the COMCEC to assist the General Assembly of the COMCEC in fullfilment of its responsibilities. The Follow-up Committee is composed of Ministers responsible for the fields of competence of the COMCEC or their representatives. It was established at the first Session of the COMCEC held in İstanbul in 1984 and convened its First Meeting in İstanbul in September 1985. The committee reviews the progress in the implementation of the programs and projects approved by the General Assembly of the COMCEC and makes recommendations thereon.The Committee also prepares the draft agenda of the General Assembly.

The Follow-up Committee of the COMCEC convenes annually, usually in May, in the Republic of Turkey. The Follow-up Committee is composed of the representatives of the Permanent Chairman, Permanent Vice-Chairmen, Chairman of the Summit, Rapporteur and Vice-Chairmen representing the three geographical regions (Africa, Arab and Asia) and three members of the previous Bureau Rapporteur and the Vice-Chairmen representing three geographical regions are renewed in every three years by the COMCEC. The current composition of the Follow-up Committee as determined at the 32nd Session of the COMCEC is listed below.

The Current Composition of the Follow-up Committee of the COMCEC:

Republic of Turkey Chairman (Permanent)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vice-Chairman (Permanent)
State of Palestine Vice-Chairman (Permanent)
State of Kuwait Vice-Chairman Representing the Arab Region
Republic of Indonesia Vice-Chairman Representing the Asian Region
Federal Republic of Nigeria Vice-Chairman Representing the African Region
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Rapporteur
State of Qatar Member of Previous Bureau
Malaysia Member of Previous Bureau
Republic of Gabon Member of Previous Bureau

The Follow-up Committee has held 37 meetings so far. Click for the Reports of the Follow-up Committee Meetings.