156 COMCEC Working Group Focal Points and National Focal Points from 38 member countries participated in the COMCEC Focal Points Meeting held online on 9-10 July 2024.

During the Meeting, the latest developments regarding the COMCEC Working Groups and COMCEC Project Support Programs have been shared with the focal points and the activities carried out under the COMCEC umbrella have been discussed with the focal points. Moreover, the COMCEC working group focal points convened on the basis of different sectors such as Trade, Financial Cooperation, Agriculture, Transport and Communication, Tourism, Poverty Alleviation and discussed the work to be carried out in the upcoming period and the working group themes and research topics for the period 2025-2027.

The significance of efficient coordination at the national level by the focal points of COMCEC related activities and the related country experiences and good practices were among the issues emphasized during the meeting. Furthermore, the meeting also reviewed the progress of the COMCEC Flagship Projects/Programs namely TPS-OIC, the OIC Arbitration Center, the OIC/COMCEC International Investment Fund, COMCEC High-Level Digital Cooperation Program, and COMCEC SME Program. It was also emphasized the key role of the focal points in enhancing the awareness of the member countries and participation as well as making use of the activities to be conducted under relevant projects and programs.

Lastly, a training session was conducted towards the focal points on the basic principles, procedures and methods regarding the preparation and submission of project proposals within the framework of the COMCEC Project Support Programs and the experiences of the project host countries in previous years were briefed to the participants by the relevant focal points.

  • Program of the Meeting
  • List of Participants
  • Presentations made during the Sessions
    • Recent Developments in the Implementation of the COMCEC Strategy
    • Implementation of the COMCEC Ministerial Policy Recommendations
    • 11th Focal Points Meeting Presentations for Six Sector (Trade, Financial Cooperation, Agriculture, Transport and Communication, Tourism and  Poverty Alleviation)
    • COMCEC Flagship Projects/Programs
    • Presentation of COMCEC Project Support Programs