Improving Agricultural Market Performance: Creation and Development of Market Institutions

(September 28th, 2017, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ankara, Turkey)

1. COMCEC Agriculture Outlook 2017

2. Global Overview of Agricultural Market Institutions

3. Creation and Development of Agricultural Market Institutions in the OIC

4. Responses of the Member Countries to the Policy Questions on Agricultural Market Institutions in the OIC Member Countries

5. COMCEC Project Funding for Agriculture Projects

6. Success Stories of the Member States

7. Perspective of National Market Institution(s) and International Institution(s)

Presentation: “National Olive Oil Office: The Pillar for Development of Olive Oil Sector in Tunisia”

Presentation: “Commodity Exchange and Licenced Warehousing”

Presentation: “Developing market institutions to prevent food Crisis in Southern Africa: lessons from Malawi”