A study visit to Turkey was conducted between April 29th,2019-May 3rd,2019 within the framework of the project titled “Capacity Building on Warehousing and Storage Management (2018-MYSAGRIC-489)”, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry of Malaysia.

Within the scope of the visit, the delegation consisting of the project team, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey and representative of the COMCEC Coordination Office visited various public institutions, private sector firms and farmer cooperatives in İzmir and its districts. The delegation provided comprehensive information on the production, processing and storage stages of fresh fruits and vegetables. During the visit, various presentations were made by the technical staff and managers of the respective institutions and face-to-face meetings were made with the farmers. The delegation also provided detailed information on seed breeding, processing and long-term storage by visiting a seed production facility and a local research center of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey.

The list of public and private institutions visited is as follows;

Kemalpaşa Chamber of Agriculture

Kemalpaşa District Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey

Aegean Agricultural Research Institute of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey

Bademli Agricultural Cooperative

Various Private Sector Firms and Fruit Processing Plants located in Menemen, Bornova, Selçuk districts of İzmir Province

A Cold Storage Center which is established with the partnership of Menemen and Selçuk Municipalities