Mr. Mehmet Metin EKER, the Director General of COMCEC Coordination Office, Mr. Deniz GÖLE, the Director of COMCEC Programs and Projects Department, Mr. Selçuk KOÇ, the Director of COMCEC Research, Policy and Monitoring Deparment made a study visit to Suriname between 4-5 September, 2019 upon the invitation of H.E. Yldiz POLLACK-BEIGHLE, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname.

Several meetings were held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism within the framework of the visit. Surinamese officials were informed about COMCEC Working Groups and COMCEC Project Funding along with the the necessary steps that should be taken by Suriname within the scope of TPS-OIC.

On the last day of the program, a meeting was held with the officials who managed the projects financed by the COMCEC. Also, the teachers, who had been trained before within the scope of a project, were visited at the kindergarten they work and their opinions and suggestions were taken regarding the outcomes of the training.