We do condemn the systematic massacre by the Israeli Government against the Palestinian civilians protesting the 70th anniversary of Nakba (the great disaster) since 30 March 2018. We also deem all parties remaining silent to this atrocities as the ones joining such a manslaughter and crime.

In addition, we do strongly condemn the transfer of the US Embassy to Al Quds, corresponding to the 70th anniversary of the occupation of the Palestinian territory (Nakba) by Israel which is a serious violation of the international law and the will of the international community as represented by the UN General Assembly Resolution on December 21st, 2017. This decision of the USA supports the terror policies of the occupying country, Israel. We declare that we deem such a decision of the USA as null and void.

May Allah bless the souls of the Palestinian brothers, sisters and children who fell martyr for the cause of Al Quds. We also wish speed recovery to the injured brothers and sisters. We would like to kindly encourage all the OIC Members States to ensure the highest level of attendance to the Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to be held in Istanbul on 18 May 2018.