Skills Development in the OIC: Vocational Education

(October 4th, 2018, Ankara, Turkey)

  1. COMCEC Poverty Outlook 2017
  1. Overview of Vocational Education in the World
  1. State of Vocational Education in the OIC and Lessons Learnt from the Selected Case Studies
  1. Responses of the Member Countries to the Policy Questions on the Policy Framework for Improving Vocational Education in the OIC Member Countries
  1. Member Country Presentations
  1. Perspective of International Institutions and Local Authorities

Presentation: “Experiences of the Asian Development Bank in Vocational Education and Training”

Ms. Samantha HUNG, Deputy Representative

Asian Development Bank, European Representative Office

Presentation: “Vocational Education Programmes of the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep”

Dr. Önder YALÇIN, Director

Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, Turkey

Presentation: “SESRIC’s Efforts towards Improving Vocational Education and Training in the OIC Member Countries”