Within the framework of the project titled “Improving income of small and medium scale farmers in OIC Member States through reducing losses of livestock production” being implemented by Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia, study visits to Qatar and Turkey were conducted by the project team.

Project trainers, Dr. Rudy Rawendra and Dr. Masdiana Chendrakasih Padaga, conducted a study visit to Qatar between 17-20 July 2017. In the first day of the visit, project team made different meetings with the officials from Animal Resources Department of Ministry of Municipality and Environment of Qatar and got information about processes and losses in different stages of the meat production. Project team visited different private sector farms and diary plants in the second day of the visit. In the last day of the visit, different public slaughterhouses and some small and medium scale farms were visited.

A two day study visit to Turkey was conducted by Ms. Endang Setyawati and Ms. Yenni Pontjo between 20-23 July 2017. In the first day of the visit, different presentations on national policy formulation and regulation about livestock production made by government officials from relevant departments and institutions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey. Project team also made site visits to different public and private sector institutions and farms in order to see practices regarding preventing losses during different stages in milk production during the second day of the visit.