The 17th meeting of the COMCEC Tourism Working Group was held virtually on 23 September 2021, with the theme “Mitigation Strategies for Tourism After Covid-19”.

Representatives of 12 member countries have attended the meeting. COMCEC Coordination Office and representatives of WTTC, SESRIC and SMIIC have also attended the meeting.

Member country representatives shared their experiences, achievements and challenges regarding harm reduction strategies in their countries. Participants conveyed their thoughts on the aforementioned theme and exchanged views on the “Mitigation Strategies for Tourism After Covid-19” determined by the COMCEC Coordination Office. In addition to the research report prepared on the aforementioned theme, the countries where case studies were conducted were discussed in detail at the meeting. Along with the opinions and suggestions of the participants and the findings revealed within the scope of the relevant study, policy recommendations on the subject were formed.

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