The COMCEC 9th Annual Focal Points Meeting was held online on 13-14 October 2022. 140 COMCEC Working Group Focal Points and National Focal Points from 35 OIC Member Countries registered to the COMCEC Working Groups attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Focal Points discussed the latest developments regarding COMCEC Working Groups and COMCEC Project Support Programs and important issues related to COMCEC activities. Focal Points were also informed about the implementation of the COMCEC Policy Recommendations and their effective follow-up. The latest developments regarding TPS-OIC, OIC Arbitration Center and S&P OIC/COMCEC Investment Fund Projects implemented under the umbrella of COMCEC were conveyed to the participants by the COMCEC Coordination Office. In addition, the participants were informed about the basic principles, procedures and methods regarding the preparation and submission of project proposals within the framework of COMCEC Project Finance, and their questions about the project process were answered.

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