Within the scope of the 15th Islamic Summit Conference held in Banjul, The Gambia, the COMCEC Coordination Office delegation met with COMCEC Focal Points of The Gambia. COMCEC Director General Mr. Selçuk KOÇ and his accompanying delegation paid a visit to The Gambia Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment. During the visit, COMCEC Focal Points in the fields of trade, financial cooperation, tourism, transportation and communication, poverty alleviation, and digital transformation, chaired by Permanent Secretary Lamin DAMPHA, were informed about the cooperation efforts carried out under the umbrella of the COMCEC.

In the presentation made by the COMCEC Coordination Office, detailed information on important COMCEC programs and projects was presented, and the role of the Focal Points in COMCEC-related matters was discussed. It was noted with great pleasure that The Gambia has so far implemented 15 projects under the COMCEC Project Funding (CPF) and that 2 projects in the areas of agriculture, and transport and communications will be implemented this year. Furthermore, the field visit to be conducted to the Gambia in the area of transport and communication was elaborated upon during the meeting. Moreover, the Focal Points of The Gambia shared their national coordination efforts and experiences in implementing COMCEC projects, as well as the challenges that they faced. Moreover, existing cooperation endeavours were elaborated on, and ways to further enhance the established networks were discussed.