The 21st Meeting of the COMCEC Financial Cooperation Working Group was held on 30 April 2024, in a virtual-only format, with the theme of “Digital Transformation of Payment Systems in OIC Member Countries.

The representatives of 22 Member States, which have notified their focal points for the Financial Cooperation Working Group, attended the Meeting. The meeting was further attended by the representatives of the SESRIC, SMIIC, ICD, AAOIFI, OIC Exchanges Forum, COMCEC Capital Markets Regulators Forum, OIC-COMCEC Central Banks Forum, and COMCEC Coordination Office.

Experts from the Member Countries and international institutions working in this special field have shared their experiences, successful practices, and challenges in the digital transformation of payment systems. A presentation on Malaysia as the selected case-country study has also been delivered at this Meeting.

The preliminary findings of the research report being prepared on the theme of the meeting have been shared with the participants. The final version of the report will be submitted to the 22nd Meeting of the Financial Cooperation Working Group on 16-17 September 2024.