8th Annual Focal Points Meeting of the COMCEC was held virtually on 24-25 August 2021. The meeting was attended by 130 COMCEC Working Group Focal Points and National Focal Points from 40 OIC Member Countries, registered to the COMCEC Working Groups.

During the meeting, the Focal Points discussed the substantive issues pertaining to the COMCEC activities, including new methodology in the preparation of the COMCEC research reports and policy recommendations, recent developments regarding the COMCEC Working Groups and COMCEC Project Funding, with a view to improve their functioning and enable them better serving for addressing the needs of the Member Countries. The Focal Points also discussed the issues related to implementation of the COMCEC Ministerial Policy Recommendations and their effective follow-up. Within the framework of the effective follow-up of the implementation of the COMCEC Ministerial Policy recommendations at the national level, the COMCEC Coordination Office (CCO) introduced the COMCEC Policy Follow-up System (PFS) to be utilized by the Member Countries to provide their feedback on the implementation in their respective countries. In the context of the contributions of the OIC Institutions working in economic for the implementation of the Policy Recommandations, SESRIC’s contributions and efforts towards the implementation of the Policy Recommandations have been presented.

Furthermore, The participants have been briefed about the basic principles, procedures and methods to prepare and submit project proposals within the framework of the COMCEC Project Funding. And also they have been informed regarding COMCEC COVID Response, which is the new financial instrument introduced by the CCO after the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020.

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