The COMCEC Strategy has become operational in 2013.  An important aspect of the COMCEC Mission defined by the COMCEC Strategy is to approximate policies among the Member Countries in the respective cooperation areas. In this respect, a special policy debate session is held in each Working Group (WG) Meeting, established in each major cooperation area, to come up with concrete policy recommendations. The participants formulate policy recommendations on the theme of the meeting based on the findings of the research studies as well as the responses by the Member Countries to the policy questions, which are communicated to the participants before each WG meeting. Finally, the WGs’ policy recommendations are submitted to the annual COMCEC Ministerial Session for its consideration and adoption.

Please click here for the policy recommendations, adopted by the COMCEC Ministerial Sessions.

Furthermore, active follow-up of the implementation of the COMCEC policy recommendations at the national level is of particular importance. In this respect, the CCO communicates the evaluation form to the focal points of the Working Groups in order to facilitate the reporting of the developments in the Member States regarding the implementation of the policy recommendations. Please click here for the sample evaluation form.