The second project, titled “Supporting Institutional Capacity of Al-Quds Tourism and Heritage Council”, within the framework of the COMCEC Al-Quds Program, has been started as of September, 19th, 2020 and is planned to be completed in 2020. The project mainly aims at improving the institutionalization and sustainable financing mechanism of the Al-Quds Tourism and Heritage Council (ATHC) to be a well-functioning destination management organization for Al-Quds.

The project foresees a conceptual study for determining ATHC personnel training needs, developing training modules and deliver training programs, recommending a DMO organizational structure, HR needs and sustainable self-funding opportunities. Within this scope, after making the training needs assessment for ATHC staff regarding competencies and qualifications required, an online training program will be organized for the ATHC personnel in i) destination management and competitiveness, ii) tourism and cultural heritage planning and iii) tourism product development strategies.

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