Education of Disadvantaged Children in the OIC Member Countries: The Key to Escape from Poverty

(October 5th, 2017, Ankara, Turkey)

1. COMCEC Poverty Outlook 2017

2. Overview of Education of Disadvantaged Children in the World and OIC

3. Access of Disadvantaged Children to Education in the OIC

4. Responses of the Member Countries to the Policy Questions on Policy Framework for improving education of disadvantaged children in the OIC Member Countries

5. COMCEC Project Funding for Poverty Alleviation Projects

6. Member Country Presentations

7. Perspective of International Institutions

Presentation: “Out of School Youth Empowerment through Vocational Training”

Presentation: “Intervention Programs of AÇEV for Education of Disadvantaged Children and Families”

Presentation: “Disadvantaged and Refugee Children’s Education”

Presentation: “Educational and Social Care Movement for Disadvantaged Children”