On the sidelines of the 34th COMCEC Session, a number of panels was organized in order to raise awareness on the trade facilitation and to discuss the ways and means of addressing the challenges faced by the Member Countries. These special sessions were organized on 29 November 2018 with the following topics:

  • Harnessing the potential of trade facilitation for regional integration
  • Challenges in customs modernization and possible solutions
  • Private sector involvement in trade facilitation
  • Facilitating trade in the digital era: challenges and opportunities for increasing cross-border e-commerce
  • Forum on Trade Facilitation

The main objective of these events was to complement the discussions of the Exchange of Views Session with different aspects from the other stakeholders of trade facilitation. The speakers of the panels were dignitaries from the Member States, representatives of International and OIC Institutions, civil society and private sector organizations, think-tanks and the academia. All delegations of the OIC Member States participating the 34th COMCEC Ministerial Session, as well as representatives of civil society, media, academia and private sector attended these events.